Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well said

I wouldn't say that progressive Canadians can afford to entirely ignore the Cons' attacks and buyoffs which have done so much to damage the political scene. But Ralph Benmergui is right in noting where our ultimate focus should be:
Our country is being transformed without any need for grand declarations of vision or purpose. Just a Timbit of policy here and a piece of Friday-afternoon legislation there. Progressives must school themselves in the art of war. They must take back the story of Canada and write the next chapter as we move forward into the 21st century.

It’s time to create the stories that inspire Canadians to remember that we are not in it alone; that it takes courage to stand for peace in the face of those who would rather wage war; and that the prime minister serves the House, not his cash-cow base.

Let's change the channel from security theatre and patronizing leadership to the real scandals of epidemics such as childhood asthma and out-of-control diabetes. Let's replace gossip with evidence-based truths such as the fact that we live in country where a quarter of a million seniors live in poverty. We can reclaim the truth – that we are a generous people who believe that by sharing some of the financial rewards we reap with our neighbours, we become a greater nation.

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