Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Actions speak louder than words

Brad Wall's spin:
SP: Many people have looked at this and said the most important long-term issue in Saskatchewan is reconciling aboriginal people with the rest of the province, with quality of life, economic opportunity for aboriginal, First Nations people. Are you satisfied with what your government has done in the first two years in office?

BW: I think more needs to be done, not just on the part of government but on the part of all the partners that are involved, including First Nations themselves and industry. We're not yet complete with respect to the framework for the duty to consult and accommodate. We're very close, we've been dealing with these issues, even in the last number of days. We're very close.
Brad Wall's reality:
FSIN's Circle of Partners Advisory Committee - highlighted just this spring as an example of the Sask Party's commitment to engaging with First Nations - has apparently been "determined to be unnecessary by Enterprise (Saskatchewan)". We'll see how kindly the FSIN takes to being told by big business that its input is neither necessary nor welcome.

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