Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Protected by apathy

To nobody's surprise, the Cons' ludicrously high barriers to any nomination challenges have served their purpose. And as a result, Rob Anders, Peter Goldring, Leon Benoit and every other MP who would face a serious risk of losing a democratic contest will avoid having to answer to their constituents in a fair nomination contest.

That said, it's worth wondering whether the Cons will offer up a bit more detail which might put into perspective the combination of arbitrary standards and public apathy which seems to have led to the actual result.

So far, all the Cons have said is that none of the ridings received a 66% vote in favour of holding a nomination meeting. But is there a single riding where the 66% of the Cons' members even bothered to respond to the party's poll one way or the other? And if not, then what does it say that the Cons' MPs are only avoiding democracy due to the fact that party members don't care enough to participate?

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