Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Money in the bank

The Saskatchewan NDP has posted updated fund-raising totals for the ongoing leadership race. And while the largest story seems to be the lack of movement overall, the fund-raising totals look to be matching the current candidate activity in determining who's moved to the front of the pack.

The total fund-raising in disclosed amounts over the last month and a half are as follows:

Deb Higgins: $2,000 (for a total of $16,000)
Dwain Lingenfelter: $9,350 ($65,600)
Ryan Meili: $8,615 ($22,315)
Yens Pedersen: $1,000 ($4,100)

On a first glance, it looks like some of the totals may need double-checking. In particular, I'm not entirely sure how Lingenfelter's total raised can be as low as it is when on a cursory look he's listed at least four new $5,000 donors. (For the record, one of those is campaign manager Garry Aldridge, who has of course received plenty of attention lately due to his role in the membership controversy.)

But while it'll be worth taking a closer look at the newly-closed donations both to confirm the amounts and examine the donors involved, it does seem that it's Lingenfelter and Meili edging ahead of their competitors going into next month's convention.

Update: The donations page has now been updated to show Lingenfelter with $104,150 in total donations. But there are still some oddities in his list: the Canadian Ironworkers are listed as making two maximum donations of $5,000 (thanks to a reader for the tip), and as far as I can tell the "Sask. Provincial Trades Association" also looks to be a duplication of the Building and Construction Trades Council. So there may be more corrections yet to come.

Update II: And now one of the Canadian Ironworkers donations has been removed from "v3", with Lingenfelter's total bumped down to $99,150. This too can't be doing wonders for anybody's confidence that Lingenfelter's camp is particularly strong in the management department.

Update III: See Steven's comment as to what actually happened - apparently the changes were due to inputting issues at the party level rather than the Lingenfelter campaign.

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