Monday, September 22, 2008

Absent Liberals

As Jan points out in the comments here, a new set of viral videos shines a painful spotlight on how Stephane Dion's Libs were missing in action when it came to dozens of important votes in Parliament.

But while these videos are a great start, I have to figure that they're only the beginning of how the Libs' choice to prop up the Cons can rightly be used against them. Now that the source videos are so readily available, it should be an extremely simple process to develop new material which splices footage of the Libs' empty seats with a quick narrative/screen shot of the issues which were being voted on at any given time. Which will show just how weak the Libs were in pretending to oppose Harper in the last Parliament - and why Canada can't afford to entrust them with the responsibility of standing up to Harper in the future either.

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