Monday, April 28, 2008

Time to change course

The CP notes that the Cons' economic management figures to be a serious issue in any federal election campaign in the near future. But it's worth noting that it isn't just the Cons' probable "stay the course" response to the economic downturn that figures to come under fire.

Instead, the more important issue is the Cons' role in exacerbating the downturn to begin with. Even having come into power just as the U.S. economy was starting to collapse under the weight of corporatism and irresponsible tax slashing, Deceivin' Stephen's government has done nothing but to try to replicate that pattern in Canada. And whether or not it was possible to outright avoid the effects of the U.S.' downturn, it should be obvious that following the same flawed blueprint would only make matters worse for Canada.

Which means that regardless of how the Cons actually respond to any downturn, they and their governing philosophy can't escape blame for its arrival in the first place. And that should be the more important factor in any decision as to whether or not the Cons are fit to manage Canada's economy.

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