Thursday, March 06, 2008

Voting patterns

It's understandable that most of the talk about House of Commons votes today has focused on the Cons' attempt to start clawing away at reproductive rights. (For commentary on C-484, see here, here, here, here and here, among others. And no, I won't try to defend Peter Stoffer's vote on what couldn't be a more obvious attempt by the anti-choice crowd to get a foot in the door under Canadian law.)

But another noteworthy vote seems to have taken place largely without comment yesterday, as the Libs voted with the Cons against a motion to correct the film industry censorship provisions of Bill C-10 - with the excuse that the Senate which has already shown its willingness to be pushed around by Deceivin' Stephen should be counted on to fix the problem. Which, combined with the Libs' consistent complicity in the Cons' agenda since last fall, can only leave Canadian voters to consider the likelihood that they're better off not putting votes in the hands of a party which doesn't seem interested in using them to support the priorities it claims to care about.

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