Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Top to bottom

Just so we're clear that the Libs aren't alone in making their own life more difficult through a top-down approach to politics, CfSR has a great find on the Cons' attempt to impose a star candidate and Harper-friendly riding association in the Quebec riding of Roberval—Lac-Saint-Jean.

As the Cons' reward for taking control of the riding out of the hands of the existing supporters, previous members of the riding association are now flirting with the Libs, while the Cons' candidate from the last two elections (who ran a close second at 37% of the vote in 2006) is looking to make a run as an independent. Which figures to split the Cons' previous support three ways - and it's far from clear where they can make up any losses.

The riding seemed to be one of the Cons' better Quebec pickup opportunities otherwise. But the extra ground they'll have to make up just to get back to their 2006 level of support could give the Bloc the break it needs to hold on - and offer yet another example of the dangers of assuming that leader knows best.

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