Monday, July 23, 2007

An appointment with disaster

Memo to the Libs' hapless leader: This is why you're better off letting democracy run its course rather than appointing candidates.

If Jocelyn Coulon had faced a nomination meeting, then the apparent split in the local Libs would have been dealt with internally - either resulting in another candidate taking the nomination, or allowing Coulon to claim the support of most of the interested party members in the riding (while Dion himself wouldn't be stuck with any particular blame for the nomination).

But because of the Libs' appointment process, any fallout will be directed solely at Dion himself. And while reversing course now would probably be even worse from a PR standpoint now than simply allowing Dion's mistake to stand, any internal strife among Outremont's Libs can only help Thomas Mulcair's effort to paint the riding orange...and make Dion look like an even less effective leader.

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