Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nicely timed

While nobody should be surprised to see PR getting some talk from Layton, it's all the better to see it as the NDP's first public message coming out of the holidays...with a nice slap at the Libs to boot:
Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin brushed Layton off earlier this year, after an initial promise to pursue electoral reform, the NDP leader recalled with some frustration and a hint of anger.

"He said, 'You're two votes short,' " to make any demands, said Layton.

"And that was the story of this Parliament. Arrogance. 'You're two votes short, you haven't got enough power to keep me in power, so to heck with you.' "
The interview nicely explains why the NDP wasn't able to get PR on the agenda last time out...but also highlights that if the party has enough opportunity to do so, it'll keep PR at the top of the list following the 2006 election. Now if only the NDP can make up the two votes to fit PMPM's bill for a party worth listening to...

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