Thursday, December 29, 2005

Goodale grief

One of the Prog Bloggers says directly what Goodale hinted at indirectly last night: that the income trust leak is under investigation solely due to public outcry and political reasons. But what does that say about the commenters' views on the RCMP itself?

There's no doubt that Liberal for Life must have an awfully low opinion of the RCMP based on the ridiculous analogies to other grounds for investigation. (To answer what seems to be the Lib response so far, note the distinction between "direct evidence of wrongdoing", which hasn't been discovered by the initial review, and "a basis upon which such evidence might be found", which presumably must be present for the investigation to continue, and wouldn't be present in Lib for Life's proposed crank calls.)

But does Goodale himself honestly believe that the RCMP has so many spare resources that it can extensively investigate issues where nothing in its initial review found a basis for further investigation? Or is this more a case of Goodale standing in front of a house with smoke billowing out every window, claiming that since he's satisfied there's no fire, the fire department must be responding only to his cranky neighbours?

Update: Or, to put it more formally:
The RCMP makes it clear that they do not investigate all complaints. On their website they explain the criteria for conducting an investigation:...

"Any referred case is given a weighted score based upon a set of
criteria that ensures that the most important cases relating to our
investigative mandate receive the attention and resources they deserve. Cases with higher scores are more likely to be selected and investigated."

The RCMP is pursuing this case because there are serious grounds to believe that average investors were hurt by insider trading.

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