Thursday, October 20, 2005

The impossible dream

Scott Piatkowski comments on the problems that arise when one party's scandal gets taken as an indictment of government in general, and speculates about an ideal scenario:
For progressives like me, who want to convince voters that governments can make a positive difference in their lives, a widespread loss of confidence in politicians and government can only undermine our argument...

This might sound like a fantasy, but wouldn't it be great if elections were decided based primarily upon ideas, instead of which candidate is the bigger crook? Much as I want to see the defeat of the Liberals in Ontario and nationally, and the Republicans south of the border, I'd rather see that happen because voters got smart — not just because they are angry about ethics scandals. Scandals aren't just bad for the parties in power. They're bad for everyone.

Very well put. Granted, a scandal may play some role in determining which party is in fact best suited to power. But that calculation should take place based on a wider view of how much good each party can and will do while in office - not solely based on one's immediate outrage over the day's headlines.

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