Sunday, October 16, 2005

Following the leader

In case any other provinces were merely waiting for somebody to take the first step in matching daylight savings time to the new U.S. standard, it looks like Quebec will do just that:
Quebecers who were dreaming of enjoying daylight for an extra hour in the fall and spring will soon get their wish.

The provincial government is on the verge of following the lead of the United States to extend daylight time by two months, according to various government sources...

Quebec is now trying to convince its provincial neighbours to follow suit. While time is a provincial jurisdiction, federal government officials have urged the provinces to find a common solution from east to west.

This doesn't seem like an issue where the rest of the country wants to be fighting the U.S., as there's little to be gained by sticking with the current system and potential for a substantial cost if coordination with the U.S. becomes tougher. Hopefully the other provinces which apply Daylight Savings Time will soon match Quebec's expected action.

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