Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tuesday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Brian Klaas writes about the death of substantive policy discussion as both media and political actors focus primarily on horse-race messaging rather than identifying and solving problems. And Kohei Saito highlights the limiting effects of an underlying assumption that our society and economy must serve the cause of perpetual growth while ignoring a worsening polycrisis. 

- John Woodside discusses how Pierre Poilievre and the Cons are fully devoted to misinformation about carbon pricing, while Gillian Steward notes that the purpose and effect of a grossly simplistic and misleading slogan is to escape any willingness to even acknowledge - let alone propose action to address - the ongoing climate crisis. 

- Meanwhile, Carl Meyer reports on Irving Oil's lobbying efforts to do even less to answer for a business model built on carbon pollution. And Tim Rauf writes about Danielle Smith's double standard which mouths environmental principles in order to stall the development of clean energy, but allows for fossil fuel interests to spew carbon pollution and toxic chemicals without limit in a direct public subsidy to dirty energy operations. 

- Meanwhile, David Climenhaga discusses the UCP's decision to treat offloading patients into unequipped motels as a complete substitute for providing health care. 

- Finally, Glen Pyle writes about the latest research showing that COVID vaccinations help to prevent cardiovascular risks and other harmful outcomes. 

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