Thursday, February 15, 2024

Thursday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Rachael Lyle-Thompson discusses how children are happier in countries with social safety nets which reduce the anxiety level around them. And Eric Galbraith et al. find that satisfaction levels in small-scale Indigenous societies may be just as high as in the wealthiest countries - offering yet another indication as to how substituting GDP for social well-being misses the mark. 

- Evan Halper discusses how the plastics industry is attempting to hijack school systems to avoid answering for the harm it does to the environment. And Taylor Noakes examines how the dirty energy industry is responding to legislation seeking to rein in deceptive advertising with a barrage of exactly the type of dishonesty which demands a public policy response. 

- Arthur Neslen discusses the "litigation terrorism" being used to block even the most minimal of environmental laws and policies. And Billy Briggs examines the systematic abuse of litigation threats against individual climate activists. 

- Max Fawcett writes that Danielle Smith's obsession with the perpetual expansion of fossil fuel production (and resulting carbon pollution) exceeds even that of Saudi Arabia - even as Alberta stands to pay the price for being a laggard in both climate and economic terms. 

- Finally, Catharine Tunney reports on CSIS' warning that anti-trans bigots pose a threat of extreme violence. Gillian Steward discusses how Smith is serving exactly those forces in aiming her government's power against trans teens, while Althia Raj highlights how Pierre Poilievre is twisting the truth to justify his own attacks on trans people. And Jason Vermes reports on the gender-affirming clinics who have no choice but to operate privately as right-wing governments refuse to recognize their work as health care. 

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