Monday, June 19, 2023

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Eyal Press writes about the problems with the U.S.' health care system which forces medical workers to subordinate the health of their patients to the demands of corporate investors. And Andre Picard points out that the largest problems with Canada's health care system come from the areas where it's the least universal and most profit-oriented. 

- The Economist discusses the extreme wildfires which have already torn through massive swaths of Canada before we even reach summer. And Mitchell Thompson offers a reminder that in addition to insisting on spewing the carbon pollution that's driving a climate breakdown, right-wing governments have also systematically destroyed the firefighting response needed to try to limit the damage. 

- Meanwhile, Sam Meredith reports on Europe's recognition that it faces a water crisis - which sadly places it far ahead of Canada in at least attempting to plan ahead rather than merely reacting to disasters as they occur. 

- Andrew MacLeod writes about the significance of global shipping as a driver of climate change - which is particularly important in light of the perpetual push by the dirty energy industry to ship oil and gas offshore and move carbon emissions off of Canada's balance sheet. 

- Emily Chung and Alice Hopton report on the reality that environmentally-friendly housing is often more affordable - as long as it's being built and operated by groups focused on meeting needs rather than banking profits. 

- Finally, Roy E. Bahat, Thomas A. Kochan, and Liba Wenig Rubenstein make the case for employers to start working with organized labour rather than seeking to undermine it at every opportunity. And Zachary Carter discusses Isabella Weber's compelling argument that controls on corporate profiteering are a needed answer to exploitative inflation. 

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