Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Lucky Tran offers a reminder not to take seriously the anti-science cranks determined to claim that COVID-19 mitigation measures (including masking) should be dispensed with. And Joy Jiang et al. find that COVID vaccination helps to lower the risk of cardiac events based on future infections.  

- Alan Morris examines the connection between housing status and inequality in Australia. And Nick Falvo offers an explainer on emergency shelters - and the limited role they should play compared to more secure housing.  

- Clifford Krauss offers a reminder that while the oil sector is swimming in windfall profits and paying out executives and shareholders, that isn't translating into a restoration of the jobs which have been slashed over the past decade. 

- Regan Boychuk examines the story behind Danielle Smith's planned eleven-figure Rstar giveaway to her oil and gas backers, while Bob Weber reports on the predictable reality that her largesse with public money is translating into a spike in oilpatch donations to her lobby group. And Stephen Magusiak and Luke LeBrun expose how a developer flouted donation rules to pool funding through multiple corporations in order to advertise on Smith's behalf. 

- Finally, Luke Savage points out how even the most partisan of media are more likely to indulge in propagating fake news where that choice fits with its profit motive. 

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