Friday, July 15, 2022

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Ricardo Duque Gabriel et al. examine how the costs of austerity extend beyond the human toll of diminished well-being to include the undermining of trust in democracy.

- In case we needed to see the breakdown of trust in action, Dayne Patterson reports on the Kamsack protest against the Saskatchewan Party's shutdown of the local acute care beds (among other rural health facilities). And Colin Butler reports on a pateint left for days in a temporary hallway space with a shattered leg as the Ford government continues to focus on privatizing health services rather than keeping them functional. 

- The WHO and UNICEF offer a warning that there are tens of millions of childhood vaccinations left undone over the past two years which need to be completed to avoid illness and death from other preventable diseases.

- Finally, Zoe Tidman reports that the UK is facing its first-ever Level 4 heat emergency. CBC News reports that Lytton, B.C. is once again facing evacuations in the face of an uncontrolled wildfire. And Umair Haque discusses how we're sleepwalking into a climate catastrophe despite the flashing red indicators all around us.

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