Saturday, November 06, 2021

Saturday Afternoon Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Zak Vescera reports on the Moe government's full awareness that their elimination of public health measures would produce exactly the spike in cases and calamity for Saskatchewan's health-care system that have developed this fall. And Allison Bamford reports on the warnings from doctors that there may be another wave yet to come, while Nick Cumming-Bruce reports that Europe is now seeing a new wave of its own.

- Sarah Zhang writes that the U.S. is conspicuously refusing to talk about managing COVID-19 even as it continues to pose a massive public health risk. And PressProgress calls out British Columbia's corporate lobby for claiming that COVID doesn't pose a significant workplace hazard in an effort to ensure employees don't receive sick leave or other protections.

- Donald Light and Joel Lexchin highlight how an unaffordable vaccine is effectively no vaccine at all for much of the world's population - and thus no protection for anybody against the development of increasingly dangerous variants.

- Hadrian Metrins-Kirkwood discusses how decarbonization will require reimagining our municipal planning. Anthony Vasquez-Peddie reports on new research showing how industrialized countries can shift to an extremely high proportion of wind and solar energy - with Canada's large land mass making us particularly well-suited to the change.

- Meanwhile, J.-F. Mercure et al. study how best to persuade the general public of the value of climate action, and find a need to emphasize the economic benefits of a just transition.

- Finally, Peter Zimonjic reports on the nearly 90,000 people facing Guaranteed Income Supplement clawbacks as punishment for having received the CERB in the wake of the pandemic. And the Leader-Post reports that mayors even from Sask Party strongholds are joining the chorus demanding that the Moe government provide adequate social benefits and stop pushing people out on the street.

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