Saturday, October 30, 2021

Saturday Afternoon Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- PressProgress offers a timeline of Saskatchewan's fourth wave of COVID-19 (and the choices by Scott Moe which precipitated it), while Arthur White-Crummey reports that approval of the Sask Party's pandemic response is half what it was four months ago. And Justin Ling highlights how many governments continue to act as if we'd learned nothing about COVID by emphasizing surface hygiene theatre over the ventilation and masking which have actually made a difference.

- Benjamin Franta documents how oil companies knew about climate change long before most of the public - and went far out of their way to deceive people into continuing to rely on their carbon-polluting products. And Brooks DeCillia, Melanee Thomas and Lori Thorlakson discuss how to turn the tide of public opinion to favour climate action in a petro-state like Alberta.

- George Monbiot writes about the need to challenge the structure of a capitalist economy in order to save our natural environment, rather than accepting consumer choices as the limit of our ability to make change. And David Sirota discusses the impossibility of catering to corporations while solving the problems they impose on the public.

- Mitchell Thompson discusses how Loblaws' business model depends on paying workers poverty wages. And Samantha Ponting points out Doug Ford's use of Ontario's workers' compensation system as a giveaway to employers, rather than a dependable source of needed relief income for injured workers.

- Finally, The Breach interviews Harsha Walia about the racism exploitation of immigrants in Canada. And Monia Mazigh sets out the concrete steps Justin Trudeau would take if he were serious about fighting Islamophobia, rather than treating it solely as a photo op.

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