Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Wednesday Morning Links

 Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Julian Borger reports on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres' call to address major inequities, including in climate action and vaccine distribution. And Stephanie Nolen and Sheryl Gay Stolberg report on the pressure rightly being applied to the Biden administration to open up access to vaccine production so that pandemic suppression can take precedence over pharmaceutical profiteering.  

- Meanwhile, Sareth Peiris writes that the immediate effect of the public health measures delayed so long by Scott Moe serves only to show that action should have been taken far sooner. Zak Vescera reports that the list of crises bubbling up in Saskatchewan's health care system includes an imminent shortage of COVID-19 medication. And Colleen Silverthorn reports on the lengthy list of recent outbreaks in Saskatchewan long-term care homes, while Richard Adams discusses the massive spread within schools in the UK. 

- Matt Elliott laments Toronto's choice to spend $2 million to forcibly eject dozens of homeless people from parks rather than using its resources to actually ensure housing is available. 

- Finally, David Moscrop writes that the latest federal election is just the latest example of the failings of a political system designed for two parties when voters demand multiple options. 

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