Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Cory Coleman reports on the blunt recommendation from public health experts that people not attend Saskatchewan Roughrider games due to the near certainty they'll prove to be points of spread for COVID-19. And residents of Canada's least-vaccinated province should take note of Sharon LaFreniere's report about the devastating effects of the Delta variant in the least-vaccinated regions of the U.S. 

- Ivana Kottasova writes about the wildfires now ravaging areas which were never vulnerable to burning prior to the climate crisis. And Diana Magnay points out how thawing permafrost is both a consequence of past carbon emissions, and an alarming source of future ones.  

- And in case there weren't enough reasons to take offence at the recent spate of billionaire space tourism, Katharine Gammon points out how it results in massive amounts of gratuitous carbon pollution. 

- Finally, Kate Aronoff highlights how it's taken forceful activism from voices typically dismissed as far-left to get climate policy anywhere near the U.S.' governing agenda. The Globe and Mail's editorial board writes about the importance of carbon tariffs in ensuring that climate damage isn't treated as a cost saving in corporate decision-making - though it's worth noting that others have recognized that reality much earlier. And Mitchell Beer writes about the need to ensure resource regulation is aligned with Canada's climate change commitments. 

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