Friday, April 16, 2021

Musical interlude

Donovan Woods - Whatever Keeps You Going

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  1. Phillip Huggan1:18 p.m.

    India has a lack of fresh water in daily individual environments, with which to wash and clean off Covid. They have specialized towards stable crop markets usually suitable for domestic consumption. But 4/5 of their water goes towards agriculture. They can simply buy wheat on the world market from water rich nations. Water heavy crops such as cotton, wheat, and rice, and their oils, should be substituted for corn, vegetables, etc. Food processing and storage innovations will have to happen rapidly, as they did for Canada in the 1920s or whenever. Drip irrigation is a must. The water needs to be incented to be used for things like laundry, personal hygiene, buildings interior and exterior hygiene, etc. Rainwater harvesting and storage is a must this monsoon season, as is a retool to industries like steroid manufacturing and copper stickers on touch-spaces. Eventually new modular housing can be built where there is water storage and surpluses. All of the ways water is useful to fight Covid must be broadcast and water treatment and pollution mitigation is essential.