Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Tuesday Evening Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Stephanie Taylor reports on the Saskatchewan Health Authority's warning that we can't afford to loosen the province's COVID-19 rules - which of course was followed immediately by Scott Moe loosening the province's COVID-19 rules. And Matt Gurney points out the need for guidance as to what people can do while only partially vaccinated.

- David Moscrop highlights how the thousands of COVID-19 deaths in Ontario long-term care homes to date could have been avoided. And Paola Lorrigio reports on the new revelations that doctors presented numerous life-saving options to the Ford government, only to have every single one them rejected as costing too much to be worth the bother.

- Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen discuss the connection between Finland's relative equality and consensus-based policy-making, and its stellar rankings in measures of personal well-being. And conversely, the damage COVID-19 has done to previous social progress in Canada would seem an obvious culprit in the misery we're experiencing even compared to other countries faced with the same pandemic.

- Torsten Bell reminds us that the main effect of refusing to make sick leave available is to ensure that people keep putting themselves and others at risk by going to work while ill.

- Finally, Oliver Milman discusses how even locked-in levels of climate change are rendering tropical areas uninhabitable. And Roland Geyer writes that we need to end the use of fossil fuels to limit our climate breakdown to remotely tolerable levels, rather than counting on offset or credit trading schemes.

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