Monday, February 15, 2021

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- As we lay the groundwork for a COVID recovery and energy transition, Heather Scoffield comments on the importance of making sure resources go where they're needed (rather than serving only to further distance the richest from the rest of us). And Yves Engler notes that the Libs have thankfully failed in some of their efforts to favour corporate interests over people. 

- Benjamin Moll, Lukasz Rachel and Pascual Restrepo examine how automation has been one of the drivers of growing inequality. David Lao reports on a new Statistics Canada report showing that social mobility is becoming ever more illusory. And Alex Cooke reports on the recognition that venture capital funding does far less for either equality or prosperity than investment in child care and other support for families.

- Elin Kelsey offers some reasons for hope - and for continued action - in the fight to avert climate breakdown. Alex Nguyen reports on the workers wondering whether any transition plan includes any future for them. And David Akin reports on new polling showing strong public support for government measures to fund the transition to electric vehicles.

- Meanwhile, in case there was any doubt that the fossil fuel sector is nothing more than a shapeshifting magnet for handouts, Duncan Kinney reports on the UCP's handout of a COVID testing contract to a rebranded (and crony-connected) oil service company. And Andrew Nikiforuk warns that it's too soon to claim victory based on the UCP's partial walkback of its plans to let foreign operators tear apart mountain ranges and pollute waterways for coal. 

- Finally, Jason Markusoff discusses how Kenney's tenure in government has generally proven to be a failure.

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