Sunday, March 08, 2020

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Robert Reich highlights how the long-term costs of failing to invest in a just transition and a healthy society far outweigh the short-term price of providing for basic needs, while Duncan Cameron calls out the deception behind claims that we can't afford social benefits.

- Paul Krugman points out that extremely low interest rates further militate in favour of public investment by making it all the more affordable. But Eric Doherty discusses the need for a full climate audit of Canada's infrastructure spending - as a willingness to dole out money doesn't help matters when any projects serve to increase our carbon emissions.

- Taylor Noakes calls for a long-overdue end to subsidies for the oil sector. Sara Hastings-Simon writes that while Alberta should be following in Peter Lougheed's footsteps, the lesson to take from him involves investing in the economy of the future rather than pouring every available cent into a dying fossil fuel sector. And Geoffrey Morgan reports on the drop in immediate oil consumption resulting from the coronavirus.

- Mike Hixenbaugh and Stephen Buranyi each discuss how we could have a coronavirus vaccine ready now, if only a profit-driven pharmaceutical industry hadn't concluded it wasn't worth bothering with.

- Finally, Jim Stanford discusses how public health in the face of a pandemic depends on our protecting workers.

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