Sunday, November 03, 2019

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Edgardo Sepulveda writes about Chile's popular revolt against austerity and inequality - while at the same time pointing out how Canada is foregoing the revenue needed to provide for people's basic needs.

- Nicole Aschoff discusses a few trends highlighted by actors in the housing market, while noting how they fit (or clash) with the overarching need to treat housing as a human right rather than a profit centre. And Michael Savage reports on UK Labour's plan to ensure warm homes for all (while at the same time drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions).

- Cory Doctorow details Google's alarming plans to claim absolute power over neighbourhoods, replacing both democratic governance and individual self-determination with total corporate control. And Kaushik Basu offers some suggestions to rein in the monopoly power of tech giants to ensure the Internet serves as a public good rather than a source of increased inequality.

- Patty Coates points out that Doug Ford's attempt to sound conciliatory following the federal election hasn't extended to any action to alleviate his government's threats to workers' safety and livelihood. And Duncan Cameron discusses how the federal Conservatives - like many of their provincial counterparts - have utterly abandoned any sense of socially responsible red Toryism in favour of exclusionary Republican fanaticism. 

- Finally, Robert Gebelhoff writes about the multiple manifestations of the climate crisis, including the destruction of entire ecosystems.

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