Thursday, May 09, 2019

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Edward Keenan writes about the chaos being created by Doug Ford's reckless and thoughtless slashing of crucial public services.  CTV reports on one six-year-old cancer patient as just one of the many victims, while CBC News points out the global trend of increased alcohol use which Ford is going far out of his way to exacerbate. And Linda McQuaig offers a reminder that the destruction of social goods is no accident, but instead an intended consequence of Ford's choice to first sacrifice needed revenues to corporate idols.

- Larry Kusch reports on Brian Pallister's wasting of tens of millions of dollars on consultants while undermining Manitoba's public services. And David Climenhaga points out Jason Kenney's plan to spend his entire time in office trying to deflect blame to others, rather than making any attempt at delivering a functional government.

- Meanwhile, Rob Shaw reports on British Columbia's reductions in MRI wait times which show how investment in public health services - including by bringing private operators under the public system - results in the needs of citizens being met.

- Zaid Noorsumar examines how already-alarming official numbers of work-related injuries and deaths in Canada severely understate the problem.

- Finally, Bryan Carney reports on Facebook's longstanding awareness that its targeting advertising mechanism could be used to single out specific users without their knowledge or consent. And Chris Hughes makes the case to limit the monopoly power of Facebook and other tech giants which have assumed what amount to public utility roles.

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