Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Frank Clemente is the latest to point out how the Trump Republicans' tax cut scheme served only to further enrich the already-wealthy. And Bess Levin discusses the average one-cent bonus to workers that resulted from billions poured into corporate coffers.

- George Monbiot writes about the need for mass mobilization to push to avert an impending climate breakdown. Mark Cameron and Michael Bernstein point out that a strong majority of Ontarians are opposed to Doug Ford's high-cost, zero-evidence attacks on carbon pricing. And Richard Partington reports on Mark Carney's call for the financial sector to account for the costs and risks of environmental damage in making lending decisions. But Geoff Dembicki rightly notes that Canada as a whole has nothing to brag about in light of our continued fossil fuel subsidies and lack of progress reducing carbon emissions.

- Meanwhile, Joe Romm reports on the imminent inflection point where electric cars will be cheaper than combustion vehicles.

- Florence Stratton calls on the City of Regina to finally start funding Housing First to end homelessness, rather than offering only empty words. 

- Finally, Neil MacDonald discusses why white supremacy fits so neatly into Canada's right-wing political parties.

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