Thursday, January 24, 2019

New column day

Here, on how the new Canada Food Guide points the way toward a far healthier food system - but falls far short of actually propelling us toward the end goal.

For further reading...
- Leslie Beck approves of the new food guide's focus on scientific evidence, while Andre Picard points out its failure to address issues of inequality which affect the availability of nutritious food for the people who need it most. The Canadian Press noted the difference in a food guide which isn't aimed at serving the meat and dairy industries. And Jake Edmiston reports on the industry replies referenced in the column.
- Again, Ronald Quaroni reported on the majority of Saskatchewan and Manitoba households on the brink of insolvency, while the Canadian Press examined the similarly alarming numbers nationally. 
- And finally, Andrea Janus reported on Second Harvest's review of food waste in Canada.

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