Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Jonathan Watts reports on a new study showing how the world's largest economies (including Canada) are falling far short of the Paris climate goals due mostly to the influence of the fossil fuel industry, while also noting that Canada ranks with China and Russia among the world's absolute world climate offenders. And George Monbiot points out the need for radical action to get us on track to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown.

- Meagan Day writes that we can and should view affordable public housing as an opportunity to build vibrant and beautiful communities. But Mike Crawley reports that Doug Ford's first order of business is to make Ontario's housing situation even more grim by eliminating rent controls for tenants. 

- Noah Smith makes the case for the U.S. to finally raise its federal minimum wage in order to improve the circumstances of lower-income workers.

- Christo Aivalis offers his take on why Canada deserves a proportional electoral system.

- Finally, Andre Picard marks the Remembrance Day week by noting that the first pieces of Canada's health care system were among hte products of World War 1.

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