Thursday, October 11, 2018

New column day

Here, following up on this post about the potential for a truly federal carbon pricing system if right-wing provincial governments keep griping about having the ability to develop alternatives.

For further reading...
- Anna Desmarais reports on the NDP's push for climate change policy to meet the standards set out in the latest IPCC report. And Gerald Butts for one has been echoing the language of a "moral obligation" - though without apparently prodding the Libs to any action beyond a public relations blitz.
- Brent Patterson highlights how the Libs have thus far fallen short of any reasonable standard of action to combat our climate breakdown. And Karl Nerenberg calls out Jason Kenney and Doug Ford for demanding even less.
- Finally, Gary Mason argues that anybody blustering against a carbon tax has an obligation to offer up an alternative. Mark Cameron and David McLaughlin suggest that carbon tax rebates may tilt the balance of public opinion in favour of meaningful pricing. And David Reevely points out that a refusal to rein in climate change now will result in costly attempts to adapt in the future.

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  1. Carbon pricing is a scam. Western bribe-takers ship all the jobs and GHGE out of the country to places like China that do not regulate emissions. Then they gouge the people with carbon taxes.

    Take a look a global emissions over time. They're still growing exponentially! Even when oil prices spike! Playing GHGE shell games is an exercise in corruption, incompetence and fake-virtue signaling.

    All major parties - Liberals, Cons, Fake Con populists like Ford and Mad Max - are all globalists who support turning Canada into a Chinese bitumen colony. Ship 3 trillion barrels of bitumen to China. No problem. Almost all the GHGE go on their side of the ledger.

    Trump is bringing about a new international trading regime based on Fair Managed Trade that uses social tariffs to ensure foreign workers get living wages. This is to stop Third World oligarchs from indulging in mercantilism. Restore post-war Ricardian balance of trade. (This has been the labor position for decades!)

    You can also use this regime to punish environmental freeloaders like China and Canada with green tariffs!

    Cultural Marxist globalism has bitten the dust. Dippers need to embrace post-war Keynesian centrism and ditch the hippy-dip Animal House antics. The party has gotten nowhere since Tommy Douglas. The country has gotten nowhere since the Pearson-Douglas government. Time to change up. Adapt. Evolve. Develop.

    Time to bring the Trump Train to Canada! All aboard! Woo! Woo!