Thursday, July 19, 2018

New column day

Here, on the need for Canada's immigration policy to actually respect the human dignity of refugees and asylum seekers - contrary to both the rhetoric of the Cons and the actions of the Libs.

For further reading...
- The Canadian Press reported on the Cons' anti-immigrant advertising - as well as their response clarifying that they're equally hostile to immigrants of all colours and backgrounds.
- Tom Parkin has pointed out the need to stop relying on the "safe third country" agreement to abandon asylum seekers to the whims of the Trump administration. And Andray Domise writes about Canada's complicity in the U.S.' actions.
- Brian Hill has reported on Canada's separation of child refugees from their parents. And Petra Molnar and Stephanie J. Silverman call for an end to Canada's large-scale immigration detention industry.
- Finally, Douglas Quan reports on the Libs' move to echo the Cons' anti-immigrant messaging by appointing a notorious human rights violator to a cabinet position aimed at treating immigrants as "irregular".

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