Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- The CCPA offers some questions and answers on the problems with "social impact bonds" designed to turn the delivery of needed programming into a source of corporate profits. And Andy Blatchford reports on the Trudeau Libs' secretive attempt to undermine any prospect of prosecutions for corporate crimes.

- Mike De Souza exposes the existence of a "mystery safety gap" in the Trans Mountain expansion which the Libs are concealing from the public. Mitchell Anderson examines the environmental time bomb of unfunded oil sands tailings ponds. And Bess Levin writes about the Trump administration's suppression of a report on chemical threats to drinking water - based on its being far more concerned about public relations fallout than the lives of people with unsafe water supplies.

- Murray Mandryk points out that Saskatchewan's grim job numbers show weakness going far beyond immediate trends in the resource sector - and that indeed, the damage inflicted by the Saskatchewan Party is lasting even as oil prices rebound.

- And Adam Hunter reports on Scott Moe's strategy of contrived cluelessness in response to important questions about his facilitation of Bill Boyd's environmental violations.

- Finally, Annalisa Merelli highlights the high cost of motherhood in the U.S. And Gabriel Arsenault, Olivier Jacques and Antonia Maioni examine why other provinces haven't yet matched Quebec's success in developing a comprehensive affordable child care program - with a lack of emphasis on building a program to include the middle class serving as the main obstacle so far.

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