Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Rupert Neate reports on a new Credit Suisse study showing that the 1% owns half of the world's wealth. And Heather Long notes that hundreds of U.S. millionaires are pushing not to have their taxes cut when it will only serve to exacerbate inequality.

- Mark Townsend reports on new research from the Lancet showing how excluded groups face massively increased mortality risks, while Chukwuma Muanya examines how the risk of heart attacks in particular is exacerbated by financial and work stress. Russell Jackson discusses the widespread stress faced by workers. And Lucy Pasha-Robinson reports that once-eradicated diseases such as tuberculosis and rickets are returning to poorer areas of the UK.

- But on the bright side, Phillip Inman notes that a national living wage has managed to drastically reduce the number of UK workers living in poverty. And Steven Greenhouse points out how the work of unions has helped to keep people safe and families whole.

- Cara Ng and RJ Aquino argue that the construction of new social housing may not only provide homes for people who need them, but also better integrate otherwise-isolated people into their communities.

- Finally, Tony Smith writes about the benefits of publicly-funded and open-source innovation - while noting that private rent-seeking is the primary obstacle to making the best use of the knowledge that's been accumulated.

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