Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday Morning Links

Assorted content to start your week.

- Jim Hightower writes that the risk of technology displacing workers is ultimately just one instance of the wider problem of corporate greed. And the New York Times is examining how the principle of total corporate control is the basis for the Trump administration's handling of regulation.

- Ed Broadbent highlights the options which will open up for Canada in a post-NAFTA policy environment.

- Tom Ayers reports on the Nova Scotia NDP's push to ensure that workers are at least able to make ends meet with a fair minimum wage. And Meagan Fitzpatrick discusses the spread of precarious work in post-secondary education.

- Andrew Coyne weighs in on Bill Morneau's flawed judgment in failing to recognize the connections between his cabinet authority and private wealth while falsely claiming to have avoided conflicts of interest. But Nick Fillmore points out that the real scandal surrounding Morneau is his inescapable ability to use public policy to add to the riches which already place him at a distance from all but the most privileged Canadians.

- Finally, Bruce Anderson suggests that our regulation of election advertising is far behind the times - and calls for all parties to work on catching up.

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