Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Phillip Inman reports on a new UN study (PDF) showing that the inequality caused by austerity results in particular harm to women who are forced to take on more unpaid labour.

- David Sloan Wilson interviews Sigrun Aasland about the mix and balance of public and private development that has led to Norway's combination of wealth and wellness. And David Suzuki discusses the importance of identifying and applying better indicators of progress than GDP alone.

- But Adair Turner worries that we've come to accept a distorted and dangerous economic model (with debt taking the place of shared prosperity) as our new normal. And Sheila Block examines how the 1% is pulling away from the rest of Canada.

- Meanwhile, Justin Ling reports on the Cons' deliberate plan to further distort public discussion about tax policy by misleading Canadians about the effect of closing high-end loopholes. And Lana Payne comments on the importance of following through on the commitment to develop a more fair and progressive tax system.

- Brent Patterson points out how the Libs' talk about changing NAFTA's dispute resolution mechanisms serves little useful purpose.

- Finally, Steven Chase reports on polling showing a strong majority of Canadians opposed to the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

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