Thursday, August 10, 2017

New column day

Here, on Yvonne Boyer and Judith Bartlett's report (PDF) on how Indigenous women were pushed toward tubal ligations within the Saskatoon Health Region - and how the now-departing Brad Wall bears responsibility to decide whether the system discrimination they identified will be dealt with.

For further reading...
- I've previously linked to the Star's editorial on the shameful forced sterilizations. And Colby Cosh has also weighed in, while the Canadian Press reported on federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett's response.
- Postmedia reported on the initial response from Dustin Duncan and Wall when the issue first surfaced.
- CBC reported on the ongoing amalgamation of Saskatchewan's health regions.
- Meanwhile, examples of the Saskatchewan Party's attitude toward First Nations can be found in their messages on resource revenue sharing. 
- Finally, Jennifer Ackerman reports on the Saskatchewan NDP's call for Wall to follow through on a promised apology for the Sixties Scoop - and Wall's demurral.

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