Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- CBC reports on Nav Persaud's research showing how universal prescription drug coverage could produce improved health outcomes for a lower cost. But Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew note that the Libs are instead taking us in the opposite direction with a combination of trade deals which tie governments' hands, and approvals of dubious foreign takeovers which lock those rules in place.

- Peter Chapman, Robert Walker, Herve Guez and Clare Payn highlight how a smart climate policy - including a plan to transition toward cheaper and cleaner energy sources, rather than relying unduly on fossil fuels - is essential for any province's economic future.

- Robert Benzie reports that the Wynne Libs are bringing back privatizer Ed Clark to dismantle what's left of Ontario's public service in what appear to be the waning days of their government. And Martyn Brown makes the case for campaign finance reform in British Columbia from the perspective of a writer who's benefited from the cozy relationship between the B.C. Libs and the corporate sector.

- But then, that relationship likely answers Stephen Quinn's question as to why citizens on social assistance are being left out of government plans. 

- Finally, Sarah Berman details what happens to refugees who get trapped by the terms of Canada's indefensible "safe third country" agreement with the U.S.

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