Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Andrew Nikiforuk highlights how Donald Trump's election is just one more predictable consequence of the end of shared growth - even as it figures to perpetuate that reality. And Andrew Coyne argues that Trump's win under the U.S.' warped electoral rules should thoroughly debunk the theory that systems designed to promote two-party rule will do anything to keep unfit candidates away from power.

- Meanwhile, Joshua Benton theorizes that the disconnect between political solitudes (and the media sources which get heard by them) between will only grow following Trump's election - while providing plenty of examples of the glaring misinformation which may have helped him take power in the first place.

- Larry Pynn reports on the results of British Columbia's environmental inspections, and finds that a majority of operations are failing to comply with their obligations.

- Similarly, Douglas Todd notes that a combination of unaffordable housing and missing public revenue can be traced to a gross failure of enforcement of the law. And Philip Lee-Shanok points out the hidden poverty lurking in Vaughan and other seemingly wealthy areas - with a complete lack of available housing (which in turns forces people into below-the-radar rental arrangements) looking like one of the primary culprits.

- Finally, Ian MacLeod exposes the massive amount of funding being directed toward the Communications Security Establishment - even as the federal government plans to sell off assets which assist the public rather than monitoring it.

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