Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Mary O'Hara notes that even a relatively modest and incomplete set of progressive policies has created some important movement toward reducing poverty. And conversely, Caroline Mortimer writes that child poverty is exploding under the Conservative majority government in the UK.

- Dean Beeby reports on the cause of delays and cost overruns in federally-funding First Nations projects - with the federal government's own neglect serving as the main culprit. And David Akin points out that aboriginal leaders are justifiably losing patience with a Liberal government which talks about reconciliation while acting to dismiss or silence First Nations' voices.

- Meanwhile, Julia Lurie discusses the consistent pattern of U.S. minority populations being forced to lived with toxic air and water.

- Melanie Evans highlights how doctors are increasingly tracking social factors in order to offer better care to patients. And Barb Pacholik points out Sean Tucker's research showing that existing data is plenty to demonstrate that Saskatchewan stands out for its unsafe workplaces.

- Carly Weeks reports on a new study showing the connection between drug regulators and the pharmaceutical industry. And Michael Butler asks why big pharma is being granted a prominent place in shaping the future of health care in Canada.

- The BBC reports on a hedge fund's bribery in multiple African countries to take over mining and investment rights. 

- Finally, Kathleen O'Connor makes her case for proportional electoral reform and more as part of a more citizen-centred democracy.

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