Thursday, August 04, 2016

New column day

Here, on the continuing obstacles to pay equity and other gender equality in the workplace.

For further reading...
- For background on the current state of the gender pay gap in Canada, see the Canada Women's Foundation's fact sheet, as well as Mary Cornish's study (PDF) showing a continuing gap in every industry examined. And the OECD's data allows for comparisons both between countries and over time.
- The Education Policy Research Initiative's study by Ross Finnie, Kaveh Afshar, Eda Bozkurt, Masashi Miyairi and Dejan Pavlic cited in the column is here (PDF). And Sarah Kliff's must-read take on the ongoing pay gap is here, with particular reference to previous research (PDF) by Marianne Bertrand, Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz.
- Janice Dickson reports on the NDP's efforts to improve pay equity legislation at the federal level.
- Miles Corak points out the connection between inequality in general and the gender gap in particular.
- Claire Cain Miller discusses the disparate impact of a child on a male employee as opposed to a female. 
- Finally, Laura Beeston writes about a newly-released internal analysis by the federal Finance Department showing that Canadian mothers are less likely than their counterparts abroad to participate in the job market.

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