Friday, April 08, 2016

Friday Evening Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Angella MacEwen discusses how most of what's sold as "free trade" serves mostly to hand power to the corporate sector at the expense of the public. Ashley Csanady and Monika Warzecha point out that the same is true for Ontario's business subsidies and tax credits which are normally advertised as benefiting workers. And Paul Tukker reports on the publicly-funded cost to clean up abandoned mines in the Yukon as yet another example of how we're paying the price for exploitative corporate practices.

- Meanwhile, the Canadian Press contrasts the B.C. NDP's push to take big donors out of politics against Christy Clark's insistence on being able to fund her campaigns with corporate money.

- Coral Davenport discusses new research showing that it's possible to decouple economic development from increasing carbon emissions.

- The Globe and Mail questions the Libs' sudden loss of interest in access to information now that their actions stand to be held to account.

- Finally, Desmond Cole calls out an insidious attempt to label as "violent" peaceful protests and their response to state violence.

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