Thursday, November 05, 2015

New column day

Here (via PressReader), arguing that there's no longer any escaping the fact that Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party can't be trusted to be either honest or reasonable about its biggest and costliest decisions.

For further reading...
- Mike McKinnon reported here on the glaring gap between what Brad Wall knew about the failings of the Boundary Dam carbon capture and storage project, and the propaganda he spread publicly starting last year. Geoff Leo has exposed one set of design issues which have been withheld from the public. And the Canadian Press raises the question of what SaskPower is supposedly trying to sell abroad.
[Update: See also McKinnon's later report questioning the business case for Boundary Dam in the first place.]
- Meanwhile, Ryan Ellis reported here on the ballooning costs of the Regina bypass (including a P3 maintenance scheme), while the concerns of affected residents about the location of the Tower Road interchange have been brushed of. And CBC reported here on the simple request for traffic lights to ensure safer travel in the short term.

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