Thursday, October 29, 2015

New column day

Here (via PressReader), on how Canada's attendance at the Paris climate change conference may prove to be utterly useless if Justin Trudeau isn't prepared to override Brad Wall's obstruction.

For further reading...
- Trudeau's show of inclusion is discussed here - and there's certainly reason to think he's less directly hostile to climate action than his predecessor.
- But we've seen what happens when Wall gets to nix any agreement which even mentions - let alone sets - any emission reduction targets.
- And Wall's "defensive posture" to prioritize resource profits over the planet makes it clear nothing's about to change now - while Murray Mandryk notes that Wall looks to be playing Trudeau like a fiddle.

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  1. You may be correct about what will come of the Paris conference. But Carol Linnett of DESMOG Canada reported this at :

    -- Premier Clark indicated she supports Trudeau’s province-by-province approach. “I think that the federal government is really wise to take the course of allowing provinces to lead when it comes to addressing climate change,” Clark said. “Each of us has such different approaches.... I think what the federal government is wisest to do, and I think this is what Prime Minister Trudeau was talking about, is making sure the provinces are as coordinated as we can be, make sure that every province is doing everything that they can to lead, but not to start to fiddle with real success that we've seen in some places.”

    -- “Climate change can be a source of innovation,” Premier Selinger told DeSmog Canada. “I think we’re all going to have to work together and I think we’ll see a variety of approaches across Canada.” Selinger added he is looking forward to seeing a national climate target and more collaboration between provinces in achieving it. “It’s not going to be perfect, but it’s going to be good to get started.”

    I hope that you are wrong and will wait until the new year before reaching for the crying towel.