Saturday, September 26, 2015

Burning question

Even leaving aside the past politicians who we'd expect to be mentioned in an election, the Cons' ultra-long, ultra-nasty campaign has managed to drag three of the top ten Greatest Canadians into the political muck. So who has Frederick Banting in the pool?


  1. Actually, I think talking politics around Frederick Banting would be very legitimate. Specifically, I'm sure the man who refused to let drug companies profit from his discovery of insulin and instead made sure all sufferers could benefit, would favour pharmacare, tough bargaining with the companies on prices, and tighter and shorter drug patents.

    1. No argument there. But since in the rest of the cases we're talking about criticisms and slights aimed at the people in question, I'm not sure the story would qualify until Banting was smeared for having done so.

      (Of course, that wouldn't likely take more than a day after he was first mentioned positively.)