Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Daniel Tencer discusses the latest evidence that trickle-down economics are a fraud, while David Roberts and Javier Zarracina write about how the elite seems to get its own way even when the results are worse for everybody. And Heather Stewart reports on the IMF's findings as to the connection between financialization, inequality and stagnation as the extraction of wealth comes to be valued more than the production of anything useful.

- Meanwhile, Simon Enoch and Cheryl Stadnichuk observe that Saskatchewan is headed down a well-worn path to ruin based on the Wall government's obsession with P3s. And PressProgress exposes Con MP John Williamson as the latest example of how anti-government astroturfers never seem to have a problem having the public fund their own frivolous junkets.

- The Washington Post writes about NASA's studies showing that fresh water aquifers are being depleted around the globe.

- Gloria Galloway reports on the Aboriginal Progress Report which shows that Canada's First Nations are falling even further behind the rest of the country in both relative and absolute terms. Douglas Quan notes that the Cons' telling response is to have no interest in addressing the gap. And Joshua Davidson writes that the Cons' contempt for the people left out of the broader economy by design extends to having the likes of Leona Aglukkaq vote down any attempt to ensure that her constituents can afford the necessities of life.

- Finally, Steve Sullivan is rightly appalled (if perhaps a bit too surprised) about Stephen Harper's utter contempt for the law. And Jeremy Nuttall points out that Canadians have reason to be skeptical about Justin Trudeau's new set of policy promises when it's paired with his willingness to give a Harper-directed secret police force free rein.

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