Thursday, June 25, 2015

New column day

Here, on how Regina and its citizens did fairly well responding to a water shortage - but has plenty to learn in applying the lesson to the wider collective challenge of climate change.

For further reading...
- The water shortage began a month ago, with CBC's coverage here and here largely describing the problem and the City's initial response. And CTV reported on the end to the immediate restrictions here.
- In contrast, Rob Kuznia reports on Rancho Santa Fe's appalling response to California's drought, which has given rise to mandatory water use reductions.
- The National Resources Defence Council connects climate change to a drastically increased risk of drought across much of the U.S. And the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative finds (PDF) the same effect applies to Canada's Prairies.
- Finally, for just a couple of examples of Saskatchewan's pitiful record on greenhouse gas emissions, see CBC's report here and Statistics Canada's provincial data here. And CBC reports on the City's pushback against John Klein's effort to take even a few modest steps in offering cleaner transportation alternatives.

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