Friday, January 02, 2015

New column day

Here, on how we'll soon be seeing both federal and provincial governments alike try to block out their real history with glossy ad campaigns - and why we shouldn't let them get away with the plan.

For further reading...
- Torstar reported here on the Cons' use of public money to generate fake news and how it fits in to the broader federal advertising machine. And Gregory Thomas discussed their shift toward using public money for communications rather than programs here.
- Mike De Souza wrote about the CRA's newly-ordered destruction of employees' text records here. And Paul McLeod exposed the CFIA's attempt to hide internal ethical breaches.
- And CBC discusses the cancellation of a few months' worth of lean consulting contracts here, while smart meters continue to pose dangers even while their removal is in progress. But the larger costs of both Sask Party schemes will be felt for plenty of time to come.

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