Thursday, August 14, 2014

New column day

Here, on how the Harper Cons' kabuki consultations can't mask the fact that their budgets utterly neglect what's most important to Canadians.

For further reading...
- Dean Beeby has previously reported on the disconnect between the public position on policy issues and the Cons' budget choices, while Andy Radia also comments on the lack of public interest in tax baubles.
- And both CBC and Bill Curry note that the same pattern is playing out once again, as the Cons' anti-government orientation is taking precedence over any interest in listening to good ideas.
- James Baxter writes about the Cons' general message of "shut up" to Canadians. 
- And among the submissions which do deserve further attention, I'll highlight those of the Canadian Association of Community Health Centres and Citizens for Public Justice (PDF). 


  1. Anonymous11:07 a.m.

    Good article Greg. I think most Canadians are simply weary of Harper and the Harperites jabbing their fingers in our faces and telling us to 'shut the fuck up'. I think the Reform party is over.

    1. I'd certainly hope so. Though of course there's another danger in that somebody else might simply slap a new party label on the same style of government - just as the Cons replaced the Libs' culture of entitlement with their own.